liars and gossip

Pretty Little Liars is one of our all time favorite TV shows. The mystery and suspense draws us into the character’s lives. The fashion in PLL is to die for… literally. All of the girls have their own unique style that reflects their personalities and lifestyles. 

Aria – artsy, punk

Hannah – girly, sweet

Spencer – preppy

Emily – sporty

Another show that I am personally OBSESSED with is Gossip Girl. Although I just started watching the show early this month, I am already on the 3rd season and hooked on all the drama and gossip. The upper east side’s style is breathtaking. 

Blair Waldorf, my personal favorite, is a preppy bitch who is the queen bee of…well…everything. Even though most of her looks are pretty daring, she pulls them off with both style and grace. Bright colors, name brands, and the infamous headband make up the person who is Blair Waldorf.

Serena Van Der Woodsen, the bad girl who turned good…well good-ish. S’s style is daring with her backless dresses and knee high boots, but no matter what she is wearing, you fall in love with her. 

And then there is Little J, this girl has gone from homemade to stolen preppy to grungy yet chic. This girl never draws within the lines of fashion and always challenges me to create my own path. 


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