lace up spring

Lace, lace, and more lace! We have said this before but we cannot stress this enough, lace is the “it” fabric this season. A lace top, lace shoes, lace dresses, lace everything! It is a perfect way to make an edgy look feminine. It is also good for a girly, trendy look too! Either way we can’t get enough of it! For my personal style I wore a lace a-line dress with a navy blazer and nude wedges for a pretty spring look. However, you can replace that blazer with a leather jacket and the wedges with black booties and you have a very edgy look. The lace makes a beautiful balance between hard rock and super sweet. A button down lace top would be amazing with colored jeans (another must-have) or a bold blazer. This trend should be on your “must get” list! Fill your wardrobe with lace and try it with tons of different things-don’t be afraid to experiment!


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