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Nail Art 

Is anything cooler than having amazing nail art? In my opinion I don’t think so! I love nail art now because it is a fun way to spice up any nail color! You might be thinking about the bad sides to having nail art (hard to do yourself an pricey at the salon) however, there is a solution! Fake nails are perfect if you are on a budget or low on time because most you can just peel off the back and stick on. They also won’t chip either, if you have the struggles to keep your manicure in perfect condition. But, if you are daring and artsy enough to try it yourself then go ahead, because the worst that could happen is you take it off and try again! I think it looks amazing if you have a neutral or earth-toned color with a glitter polish at the very bottom or top. You may also want to try doing a French manicure but instead of using white on the top use a neon color! The possibilities are endless, just think of your nails as tiny canvases ready for you fill with color!


One thought on “we love…..

  1. Have to agree, nail art is awesome. But DIY-ing it on natural nails isn’t as hard as everyone thinks; for example the cheetah nails pic you’ve got can be replicated with a pencil tip + drawing on splodges 🙂

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