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Nail Art 

Is anything cooler than having amazing nail art? In my opinion I don’t think so! I love nail art now because it is a fun way to spice up any nail color! You might be thinking about the bad sides to having nail art (hard to do yourself an pricey at the salon) however, there is a solution! Fake nails are perfect if you are on a budget or low on time because most you can just peel off the back and stick on. They also won’t chip either, if you have the struggles to keep your manicure in perfect condition. But, if you are daring and artsy enough to try it yourself then go ahead, because the worst that could happen is you take it off and try again! I think it looks amazing if you have a neutral or earth-toned color with a glitter polish at the very bottom or top. You may also want to try doing a French manicure but instead of using white on the top use a neon color! The possibilities are endless, just think of your nails as tiny canvases ready for you fill with color!


White Out

The color that is the hottest for summer this year is white. Although it may not look bright, it is one of the brightest colors to be on your nails. This color goes with virtually any outfit and always provides a surprising pop of color. White nail polish is white hot on the red carpet as well as everyday. It has been seen on Kim Kardashion as well as many others.

pretty pastel

The best way to celebrate the coming of spring is to show off your pastels! However, instead of sporting a soft pink dress or baby blue blazer you can try adding those shades of colors into your beauty. Try to add a soft spring green shimmer to your eyes with this Maybelline eyeshadow in Edgy Emerald.

To add this trend to your lips try L’OREAL lip balm in Pink Satin.

Don’t forget the pretty purples, easter egg yellows, and baby blues which many drugstore brands carry for eyeshadows, nail polishes, and lip colors! Put some spring in to your look with this beauty trend!

best beauty of the week

The best beauty this week is Lilly Collins at her Mirror Mirror premiere. With her rosy lipstick, shimmery gold eyeshadow, and big full lashes she rocks the red carpet. This look can be done for both day and night. I love this look because it really captures what spring is about and can be worn with any outfit anywhere.

tiger eyes

We all know the fun, sultry, daring look of the cat eye. Now it has been taken a step forward with a new animal from the cat family, the tiger. Celebs are showing their wild side with a bold tiger eye! The name may sound intimidating, however it can be very wearable. But if you really want something edgy and bold you can try the more daring tiger eye, the trick is to add a heavier bottom with eyeliner. Image

making a comeback

You might think black nails are a gothic way of making a statement. But as it turns out now black nails are coming in as the new “it” color for your nails this spring. Using black as a color may be a great way to try color blocking! Another trend for your fingers is doing an accent nail. This meaning you have one nail that accents the others by using a different color or a design on the nail.