blast from the past

Whoever said “history repeats itself” probably wasn’t thinking about accessories, but in this case it does! Don’t worry, we’re not talking about leg warmers or neon bangles! However, it is sunglasses that have taken a step into the past with retro frames. By retro frames we mean the sixties-inspired cat eye sunglasses! They have been spotted on celebrities, such as Rihanna and Nicole Richie, and on runway shows. Try adding a blast from the past in your spring look with these retro frames!

Sabre "Runaway" sunglasses


maxi or mini?

Because of the warmer weather your closet should be packed full of the trends for this spring. Something I’m loving is the asymmetrical skirt. A combination of a maxi and mini skirt, this number can show off your legs while still being a little covered! I saw a lot of them this winter with fun tights and boots, now you can incorporate spring trends with them. Asymmetrical skirts are adorable with a tied button down, chunky sweater, or even a lace crop top. Depending on your personal style you can where it with any shoe, from a printed platform to a gladiator sandal. Don’t worry about splurging on an asymmetrical skirt or dress! If you are on a budget you can get an inexpensive asymmetrical skirt that is a solid color, this way it becomes very versatile and you can create several different outfits with it.


statement collars

If you just have a simple outfit and have no idea what to do to spice it up here’s a trick. A bold accessory is needed if you want that “wow” factor in any outfit. An accessory I’m loving is collar necklaces. They are adorable for a fun look and can make a white t-shirt daring! Perfect for layering (if you want to try something extra out-there) and great for adding color. But don’t forget when adding a statement accessory you just want one key item or else it might just be too much!

lace up spring

Lace, lace, and more lace! We have said this before but we cannot stress this enough, lace is the “it” fabric this season. A lace top, lace shoes, lace dresses, lace everything! It is a perfect way to make an edgy look feminine. It is also good for a girly, trendy look too! Either way we can’t get enough of it! For my personal style I wore a lace a-line dress with a navy blazer and nude wedges for a pretty spring look. However, you can replace that blazer with a leather jacket and the wedges with black booties and you have a very edgy look. The lace makes a beautiful balance between hard rock and super sweet. A button down lace top would be amazing with colored jeans (another must-have) or a bold blazer. This trend should be on your “must get” list! Fill your wardrobe with lace and try it with tons of different things-don’t be afraid to experiment!

two tributes make best dressed list

The Hunger Games stars, Isabelle  Fuhrman and Jennifer Lawrence, make the list of Teen Vogue’s Best Dressed for the week of March 25th. Isabelle was spotted at the Kid’s Choice Awards this past Saturday in Jason Wu with black strappy platforms. Jennifer Lawrence was seen at The Hunger Games Madrid premiere in a stunning Victoria by Victoria Beckham dress. Both girls definitely killed the competition  with their gorgeous choices in outfits. Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, Kristin Stewart, and Rihanna also made the Best Dressed list. 

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Colored jeans a…

Colored jeans are a must in your spring wardrobe! They are vary daring without trying too hard and are at the top of all the trends. Colored jeans can be warn with almost anything and add just the right amount of color! Here are some choices of colors.





a pop of collar!

Add fun to your button-up shirts with colored collars! Collars can add a daring, feminine, fun touch to any button-up shirts. The bright colors and contrasting patterns are perfect for this spring. Since the collar would be the statement of the outfit you don’t need to worry about adding tons of jewelry, you can just add white jeans or khakis if you are going for a look that’s not too out there. If you want to try something new or bold you can experiment with colored pants, patterned shorts, or a colorful pencil skirt.

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we love…

Elle Fanning 

This beauty is the little Fanning sister but does not fall behind in her fashion or acting. Like her sister Dakota, Elle has shined on screen and off screen with her daring red carpet style. The 13 year-old is a star and many celebs say they can’t help but love her! She worked with many famous actors and directors in the past years when she was in We Bought a Zoo, Super 8, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Deja Vu, and more! The star also made the cover of the very popular magazine, Teen Vogue!

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It seems like the runway designers have thought of everything by now. So what next? This spring there is a ton of folding on outfits so they create a 3D effect. We have 3D phones now so why not jackets, skirts, and blouses? Try adding a fun, folded skirt or jacket to your outfit this spring. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wild patterns and textures but be careful because less is more!